2016 Castello di Neive


We tried a new grape, the Grignolino, from Castello di Nieve. The winery is based in Northwest Italy in the Piedmont region. The wine’s color is a light red, but not a rose.


  • Nose: Strawberries and rose
  • Taste: Peppery and smooth, dry
  • Finish: Acidic and minerally, can feel the alcohol on the tongue


  • Nose: Strawberries
  • Taste: Not peppery, grapefruit
  • Finish: Feels like the heat from a shot

Food Pairing

  • Seafood (talapia), salad, pizza
  • Cheese: Muenster

Price: <$14 Final Comments
We like the grape, it seems to make very complex and unique wine. We wouldn’t mind trying more from the winery, but the grape is a true intrigue for such a light red.


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