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2014 Charles Shaw Cabernet Sauvignon


 We always aerate Charles Shaw, so we definitely do not agree with some of the harsher reviews you can find online. Kuan Nose: Full body, cherry, blackberry, delightful Taste: Complex Finish: Smooth Mitch Nose: Alcohol Taste: Not acidic, it is mellow on the taste receptors Finish: Comes across as full […]


2016 Castello di Neive


  We tried a new grape, the Grignolino, from Castello di Nieve. The winery is based in Northwest Italy in the Piedmont region. The wine’s color is a light red, but not a rose. Kuan Nose: Strawberries and rose Taste: Peppery and smooth, dry Finish: Acidic and minerally, can feel […]


2016 19 Crimes. The Uprising

This wine is from south-east Australia. It is unique because it was aged for 30 days in rum barrels. Our tasting notes below Kuan Nose: Cherries Taste: Sour Finish: Smooth (I asked for more details but that is all she would say, besides complex) Mitch Nose: Cherries that have stored […]